"I didn’t even realize that I needed it, but I got so much out of my experience with my doula during pregnancy - and after the birth too!"

Pregnancy and Birth Doula Services

During Pregnancy:
Expert pairing of client and doula, personalizing the service to your needs
On call, and available to you, 24 hours a day, from the time you contract with us
In-home doula visits 
Emotional support
Identification of comfort measures and roles
Information, including assistance writing birth plan (if desired)
Benefit of Birth Partners’ reputation, resources, and experience
Closure to prior birth experiences

During Labor and Birth:
Continuous emotional & physical support at home, continuing at your birth place
Assessment of progress of labor at home
Suggestions for timing your arrival at your birth place
Explanation of options & practical suggestions to partner
Massage technique, relaxation, and comfort measures
In-hospital support for induction, cesarean, or complications
Average one and a half hour stay following birth, including breastfeeding assistance 
(if applicable)

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During the immediate postpartum period:
Phone contact as needed
Resources and information
Reinforcement of accomplishments in labor, birth, and parenting
In-home doula visit – a time to reconnect and celebrate your new family! 
The support of a professional doula also improves breastfeeding outcomes and decreases postpartum depression.


Birth doula services are available in all of Connecticut.

“With Birth Partners, it’s not just about the day of the birth"


Now offering Consulting Doula services!  Inspired by our clients! 


Because so much of our work with our birth doula clients is prenatal, and due to coronavirus restrictions at some birthplaces, we’ve had multiple requests for the high quality support we offer our clients up to - but not including - support during the birth itself. 

Because so much of our work with clients is prenatal, the Consulting Doula may be the perfect option for clients who prefer more privacy, or who feel that, with the exceptional foundation we provide them during the prenatal time and labor at home, they will have the tools they need during birth. 

Your Consulting Doula is expertly paired to your needs, and includes:

During Pregnancy:

On call, and available to you, 24 hours a day throughout pregnancy, from the time you contract with us

Resources & information regarding options, providers, education, reading materials, pediatric care, etc.

In home visit

Unlimited additional appointments virtually, via FaceTime/Skype/video calls

Emotional support

Benefit of Birth Partners’ reputation & experience with most every doctor, midwives, staff and birth locations

Identification of comfort measures

Assistance writing birth plan (if desired)

Closure to prior birth experiences (if applicable)

During Labor:

Assistance differentiating between labor vs pre-labor
Assessment of progress of labor at home; suggestions for timing your arrival at the

hospital or birth center (if applicable)

and of course, you always receive the benefit of Birth Partners’ reputation, resources, and experience

Contact us to find out if our Consulting Doula service is right for you!