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ue to the popularity of our private sessions, all Birth Partners classes are now private, personalized, and held in the comfort of your own home!
Childbirth Education

We are proud to offer two different childbirth education options:  a private session held in the comfort of your own home, and an online interactive, live class.  Both class options are comprehensive and may be scheduled on a weekday, weeknight, or weekend date, and customized for your specific needs.  

Embracing our philosophy that with knowledge and support, couples can make the best and safest choices for themselves and their families, our founder/educator, Janet Padgett, brings more than 28 years of actual birth experience to each class, offering students a unique and honest perspective.

Some couples find that they need education in addition to what they may have already received, or if this is not a first baby, they may want a refresher class. Those pursuing a VBAC, or planning an unmedicated, birth center or home birth find that the private session is just what they need as their class is geared toward them specifically!

Each comprehensive class may include discussion of:

• The process of labor and evaluating its progress
• Timing your arrival at your birth place
• Coping with pain and fear of pain
• Overcoming cultural messages
• The emotional & physical aspects of labor, including the stages of labor
• Birth options and birth place protocols and procedures, specific to you


We will work with you to insure you have the information and knowledge you need to create the birth of your choice!

Advanced Comfort Measures for Labor

A peaceful retreat for your mind, body and spirit as you prepare for the birth of your child.  Each in-home, 90- minute session is customized to meet your individual needs and may include:

• Tension reduction and breathing exercises to manage pain and sustain energy
• Positions that facilitate comfort and progress during labor
• Practical techniques for body-awareness and muscle relaxation
• Suggestions and guidance for labor companion
• Massage techniques and use of birth ball
• Setting up your birth environment for maximum relaxation

Single sessions or packages available, for individuals or couples

Breastfeeding and Newborn Care Class
  • Techniques to keep baby calm and nursing well

  • Positioning for optimal feeding and a pain free latch

  • How to tell if baby is getting enough milk

  • Preventing and reducing breast engorgement

  • Techniques for successful pumping and storage

  • Normal sleep patterns and safety

  • Typical newborn feeding and elimination routines/patterns

  • Birth place procedures

  • Bathing, diapering, and baby wearing

  • Vaccines, including state laws, traditional and alternate schedules

  • Circumcision, umbilical cord, and placenta


Gift Registry

Birth Partners services make the perfect gift for any new or expectant family! Family, friends, and co-workers will enjoy providing you with a gift that makes a real difference! Please go to our Gift Registry page for more information or to register.


For more information or to register for any of our programs:
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