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Provider Appreciation

We love our clients and have worked hard to build relationships with the providers they choose, throughout Connecticut!   

We've worked with every doctor, midwife, hospital and birth center in the state, dozens, and in some cases,  hundreds, of times over the past 29 years, and are appreciative to be welcomed by them, as we serve their patients!


As the mother of 4, I am very slow to give advice, because after all, we are all just doing the best we can as parents right?  BUT for

birth experiences I have to say that having a doula (and delivering with midwives!) are hands down the greatest investments in yourself

and your baby. I have worked with Janet and two of her incredibly talented, supportive, kind and understanding doulas for 3 of my births.

To say I was completely and utterly supported physically and emotionally is just the tipping point. Having a doula allows you to labor and

not worry about what to do to next to help yourself (I mean you are a laboring woman and that's enough work!).


For example, I will share that I am a CNM myself, but in labor, I am a laboring mom, that's it! My doulas and midwives have worked

seamlessly to support me through 3 unmedicated births with rebozo, position changes, supportive dialogue, and lots of smiles and laughter.

Feeling safe and secure are essential during childbirth and you get to know your doula so well. I came to crave the phone chats with Dawn

(our Birth Partners doula) and thought how amazing it was to process the pregnancy and prepare for the birth with someone so

understanding and knowledgable.  The fabric of my birth stories is weaved so beautifully from the team of my partner, my midwives,

and my doula.


You need a Birth Partners doula, trust me on this!

Jenna LoGiudice, PhD, CNM, RN, FACNM
Associate Professor 

Egan School of Nursing and Health Studies

Fairfield University

Birth Partners has a proven track record with St.Vincent’s of providing doulas that are clearly committed to the empowerment of

women and families who want to have control in their birthing experiences. Their doulas are knowledgeable, yet never intrusive, and

actually partner with the healthcare team to optimize the family’s experience with us. It truly does take a village.

Melissa Melendez, BSNRN, Nurse Manager

St. Vincent's Medical Center, Family Birthing Center

Bridgeport, CT.  

As a lactation professional, I visit many mothers in the first weeks after birth. Some of the advice I hear given by other baby nurses and doulas to these vulnerable mothers can be quite damaging to the breastfeeding relationship. Birth Partners clearly chooses and trains all of their doulas to trust and respect that breastfeeding relationship. I can always tell when a mother has used Birth Partners because she is more knowledgeable and confident in her parenting abilities. That is why Birth Partners is on the top of my referral list for doula services. New parents: you can trust them to give the extraordinary care you deserve. 

Annie Brown, FNP, IBCLC

Family Nurse Practitioner, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant

Advanced Practice Lactation

Women's Health Associates and Birth Partners doulas have long been allies in the care of expecting families in Connecticut.  We are thrilled when our patients accept our recommendation to work with Birth Partners as we know that the family will be incredibly well-supported before, during, and after birth. Birth Partners doulas always live up their reputation as talented and tireless labor coaches and have earned the respect not only of the midwives in our practice, but also of our nursing and physician team members at Yale New Haven Hospital.  We are deeply grateful to Birth Partners for their commitment to their clients and skill in helping them achieve the brith they seek.  We're so lucky to have them in our community!

The Midwives of Women’s Health Associates

New Haven, CT

Screen Shot 2019-08-20 at 8.09.46 PM.png

I first learned about Birth Partners nearly five years ago when I was in the process of becoming a midwife and wanted to also work

as a doula. I was drawn to Birth Partners over other doula accreditation programs specifically because of their internship and mentorship

processes — they had a far more comprehensive training process (encompassing significantly more than just "hands on" labor support)

than any other organization I could find. I feel so grateful for that internship, and still use the skills I was taught to this day. And now that

I'm on the other side, working as a provider with many different doulas, I see the true difference in skill, support, and rapport

(and respect) with both their clients and hospital staff that a Birth Partners doula has. I look forward to every birth with a

Birth Partners doula! I can't recommend Birth Partners highly enough.


Hallie Mathia, CNM, WHNP-BC

Circle for Life Midwifery, St. Vincent's Hospital

Screen Shot 2019-08-20 at 8.09.46 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-08-24 at 7.58.09 PM.png

It is difficult to come across businesses that are professional and simultaneously nurturing and thorough. Birth Partners has accomplished this with grace, and has been an asset to many expectant families in providing support and an ease to communicate and coordinate care. They truly go above and beyond and are a strong advocate for families involved. They have managed to maintain their quality of care for years and I look forward to continue working with them for years to come.

Kazuko Nakamura, ND, LAc
Trumbull Naturopathic & Acupuncture

Screen Shot 2019-08-27 at 7.18.20 AM.png

As a midwife, Birth Partners is my go-to recommendation when a client is looking for a doula. Having had a wonderful experience with Janet and Shannon myself, I know first hand the care that Janet takes in the whole process from careful selection of doulas, her personal training program and continuing education she does with her team, and then the final selection of the souls that best matches the needs and personality of the individual birthing woman. I trust Janet and have seen the amazing work her Doulas do on both sides of the birthing bed.


                       Sara Church, CNM

                       Norwalk Hospital Midwifery Service

Sarah Church
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