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For nearly 30 years, Birth Partners has prioritized the support and well-being of our clients.

 We are continue to feel the impact of COVID-19, and our hearts go out to those whose health and/or 

the health of those around them may have been affected by the outbreak of coronavirus.  

We thank the nurses, midwives, doctors, hospital staff and first responders who have continued to provide care to our clients and to us.  Now, more than ever, we appreciate their service. 


In this era of physical distancing, Birth Partners is finding innovative ways of supporting our clients at the level

that is expected of us.  Please read on to learn more. 


Birth Doula services 

We have been hearing your concerns, as some (but not all) hospitals limit patient support to just one support person during labor, birth and the postpartum period - meaning that currently, some clients have to choose between their partner and their doula for support during labor.  


While this policy is intended to slow the spread of the coronavirus, and we all want to be safe, we understand that it impacts the kind of support our clients expect during labor and birth.   During this pandemic, we have supported more than 30 clients virtually as well as a dozen or so in person and it has been working quite well.                  

The situation is currently fluid, and changes literally from week to week.  We don't know what the coming months will bring so let's schedule a time to chat about what this means for your pregnancy, labor and birth, and how your doula can provide the highest level of care, within the parameters we have been given.   

We now also offer "All But the Birth" doula services which may be what you are looking for, especially during the challenges of the coronavirus.  Let us know if you'd like more information or to schedule.


Postpartum Doula services 


We all need support and connection, particularly during the postpartum period, and during these times of more isolation - and are happy to continue to provide that!  At this time, we DO have availability for in home postpartum services, using all safety measures available to us including masks, gloves, frequent hand washing and distancing as much as possible.  During this crisis, for those who prefer it, we have also been supporting some postpartum clients via FaceTime or Skype, offering our "non hands-on" services, including:

- Virtual prenatal visits, including home evaluation


- Skilled guidance and education, information and resources


- Emotional support during the transition to parenthood


- Education and guidance re bathing, diapering and cord care, virtually, including "lessons"


- Breastfeeding assistance and support

Birth Partners has - and will always - maintain the highest standards of care and safety, for you, your families and for our communities.  We will

continue to closely monitor all aspects of the COVID-19 situation, and will update any changes here.

Please contact us for more information or to schedule!  We are here!

Childbirth Education 


We’ve got you covered!  

With hospital-based childbirth classes being canceled across the state, we are happy to continue offering our private childbirth education session - a customized, online, interactive "live" (not pre-recorded) class, facilitated by an experienced Birth Partners childbirth educator.  

Each session is comprehensive and may be scheduled on a weekday, weeknight, or weekend date, and is customized specifically for your needs.   
We will work with you to insure you have the information and knowledge you need to create the birth of your choice. Check out our education page  or contact for more information or to schedule your private session!




Birth Partners will continue to be your touchstone and support during these changing, challenging times.

This is a lot, for all of us, and we will continue to maintain the highest standards of

care and safety, for you, your families and for our communities.   


Stay well.  We are here.

All But the Birth
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